Rollux Weekly Update 2023.11.08

Weekly Video: How Rollux is Redefining Centralized Exchanges

Rollux is pioneering a new chapter in decentralized exchanges, offering a platform where trading is not just secure and efficient but also accessible to a growing community. With cutting-edge technology and a burgeoning ecosystem of developers, dApps, and users, Rollux is setting the stage for the future of trading. Join the movement and be part of the evolution with Rollux. For a deeper dive, visit and

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Grab Your Chance: Rollux Phase 2 Giveaway Awaits!

Dive into the Rollux Phase 2 Giveaway! Join us in celebrating the prowess of Rollux as the swiftest, most cost-effective, and secure Layer 2 EVM around. Follow the simple steps in our latest tweet for a shot at winning our utility token. Don't miss out—your key to the future of blockchain could be a tweet away! 

Rewind the Future: Rollux Leaders Illuminate BTC's Path

Missed the live Layer Two Labs' Space with Jagdeep Sidhu & Bradley Stephenson? Fret not! Tune in to the recording as they join BIP-300 author Peter Stzorc to discuss an innovative trajectory for Bitcoin. Discover the alternative path forward they envision. It's your chance to catch up on a pivotal conversation for Bitcoin's future.

Spontaneous Order in the Digital Age: Embracing Hayek with Syscoin and Rollux

Rollux draws from Friedrich Hayek's insights on spontaneous order and decentralized knowledge, showcasing how Syscoin and Rollux embody these concepts. They're creating a decentralized ecosystem where economic coordination and informational freedom are at the forefront, powered by blockchain's trustless nature. This approach not only aligns with Hayek's vision but also paves the way for a stable, efficient, and innovative financial future.

Trade .rollux Domains on

The integration of #RolluxID with brings a new layer of accessibility to the Rollux ecosystem. Users can now effortlessly buy and sell .rollux domains on "The World's 1st multichain NFT Marketplace," This collaboration simplifies the process of trading Web3 identities, making it a seamless experience for those invested in the future of digital domain ownership.

Domain Mastery with Pali: Minting Made Easy

Pali Wallet announces a significant integration within the Syscoin ecosystem, now enabling users to effortlessly mint and manage .sys domains through Syscoin Domains. This development not only simplifies the process of acquiring and controlling your digital identity but also enhances the utility of Pali Wallet as a comprehensive tool for navigating the decentralized web. Get ahead in the domain game and secure your .sys domain with Pali Wallet today.

Harvest Time: WSYS/WETH Pool on Pegasys V3

Pegasys announces the launch of a new WSYS/WETH liquidity pool, complete with fresh incentives for liquidity providers. It's an opportunity for the community to contribute to the ecosystem's growth and earn rewards. Don your farming hats and join the agricultural revolution in the digital realm.

Begin farming here and for more details on the liquidity incentives, visit their governance forum.

Syscoin's Strategic Foresight: Paving the Future of Blockchain

Jagdeep Sidhu, one of the primary visionaries behind Syscoin, reflects on the project's history of making strategic decisions that align with blockchain's core principles. From early recognition of blockchain's role as a 'court' to anticipating the rise of EVM as the standard for smart contracts, Syscoin has consistently stayed ahead of trends. Looking forward, Sidhu predicts a shift towards agent/bot and institutional engagement in crypto, emphasizing the need for a secure and decentralized base layer. He also highlights the importance of sovereignty in compliance, liquidity as a form of money, and the advantages of a modular blockchain architecture. Syscoin's roadmap, with its commitment to these principles, positions it uniquely in the blockchain space, leveraging Bitcoin's security and pioneering with Rollux and DA protocols.

Syscoin's Milestone: Surpassing 50% of Bitcoin's Hashrate

Syscoin celebrates a significant milestone, achieving over 50% of Bitcoin's hashrate, a testament to a decade of persistent development and innovation. This achievement not only underscores Syscoin's security and performance but also enhances Rollux, touted as the industry's leading secure, performant, and cost-effective Ethereum Virtual Machine Layer 2 solution. This marks a new chapter in Syscoin's journey, reinforcing the power of Proof-of-Work and the robustness of its infrastructure.

Seamless Integration: Syscoin Joins Forces with Layerswap

Syscoin & Rollux's latest collaboration with Layerswap promises to redefine the ease of transferring assets between centralized exchanges and the Rollux Chain. This strategic move not only streamlines the process for users but also significantly enhances liquidity for ETH and USDC on Rollux. With a focus on user experience, Layerswap's integration is set to expand Syscoin's reach, offering direct fiat onramps and simplifying the management of crypto assets. This partnership marks a significant step towards making blockchain technology more accessible and practical for all users. For a deeper dive into this groundbreaking update, visit Syscoin's news section.

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Nov 8, 2023 by SYS Labs