Syscoin Rollux Weekly Update 2024.02.16

Weekly Video: The Cost-Savings of Bitcoin DA (formerly PoDA)

Syscoin Rollux have pioneered the best data availability solution in the industry. With cost-savings for DEX swaps currently being ~12,000 times cheaper than Ethereum, and ~2,000 times cheaper than future transactions on ETH once they have implemented EIP-4844 to cut down on costs, Bitcoin DA makes this future improvement proposal obsolete before it ever gets off the ground. And that’s just regarding costs, never mind the increased decentralization, security, and scalability Bitcoin DA also offers. With zkDA, any rollup on any chain can gain these benefits by introducing Syscoin into their modular architecture. Syscoin & Rollux are paving the way to the future where all roads lead to Bitcoin.

Join the Syscoin SocialFi Pulse Campaign: Earn Airdrop Rewards and Learn More About the Syscoin Ecosystem

Syscoin announces the launch of its SocialFi Pulse campaign, powered by @Galxe, inviting the community to engage and earn rewards as they usher in 2024, the year of the $SYS. This campaign offers a unique opportunity for participants to complete SocialFi tasks, earning loyalty points that can lead to rewards, bonuses, and perks in future initiatives. It's an ongoing effort to expand and energize the SYS Army, highlighting Syscoin's commitment to bringing Bitcoin rollups and the innovative zkDA technology to a broader audience. Participants can armor up and dive into this exciting campaign by following the Galxe link here, embarking on a journey of discovery and contribution within the Syscoin ecosystem.

Elevate Your Engagement with Syscoin's SocialFi Pulse Campaign!

Syscoin is calling on its community to engage and earn through its SocialFi Pulse and campaigns, offering new loyalty points every week. This initiative not only allows participants to expand their blockchain knowledge but also to play a crucial role in boosting Syscoin's presence across the digital universe. Launched in partnership with Galxe, the campaign marks 2024 as the year of the $SYS, inviting enthusiasts to dive into a series of rewarding SocialFi tasks. Whether you're looking to deepen your involvement in the Syscoin ecosystem or eager to contribute to its growth, now is the perfect time to join the Pulse campaign and start earning. Dive into the campaign and start earning now.

Scaling New Heights: Syscoin's Hash Rate Hits Record Peak

Syscoin's journey to a new all-time high (ATH) in hash rate is a testament to the growing confidence among miners in its robust network. Remarkably, 60% of Bitcoin's total hash rate is now dedicated to merge-mining Syscoin ($SYS), highlighting an unprecedented level of integration and security. With the hash rate reaching 354 PH/S, Syscoin and, by effect, Rollux are setting a new standard for decentralized network performance and reliability. This milestone not only underscores the technical prowess of Syscoin but also its increasing appeal in the crypto mining community.

Syscoin's Modular Transformation: A New Era of Blockchain Efficiency

Syscoin, originally celebrated for its decentralized marketplace, has embarked on a revolutionary journey since 2014, evolving into a beacon of modularity in the blockchain space. This strategic pivot towards a modular architecture signifies a departure from the constraints of monolithic blockchains, aiming to harmonize security, scalability, and decentralization without compromise. By segmenting its operations into distinct layers, Syscoin introduces an innovative framework that promises to redefine blockchain efficiency, particularly through its rollups and settlement/data availability layers.

The platform's embrace of modularity, highlighted by its integration with rollups for enhanced transaction throughput and its robust security measures backed by merge-mining with Bitcoin, positions Syscoin as a formidable alternative to Ethereum for hosting rollups. With its network supported by approximately 2,700 live sentry nodes and secured by advanced technologies like chainlocks, Syscoin not only champions decentralization but also sets new standards for blockchain security and scalability. As Syscoin continues to evolve, its commitment to a decentralized, secure, and scalable blockchain ecosystem offers a glimpse into the future of blockchain technology—a future that's modular, efficient, and ripe for exploration. Dive deeper into Syscoin's modular revolution and its implications for the blockchain world by reading the full article authored by Syscoin Rollux community member, PoR.

Rollux: The Bridge to Bitcoin's Future on Syscoin's Layer 2

Rollux, Syscoin's Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible Layer 2 (L2) solution, is redefining the blockchain landscape by offering a secure, scalable, and cost-effective platform for accessing Bitcoin. With the $SYS token serving as a gateway, Rollux invites users to experience the benefits of Bitcoin on a platform that surpasses Ethereum and Solana in terms of security and affordability. This move not only promises significant savings on transaction fees but also ensures peace of mind for users looking to transition from ETH and SOL.

As part of a broader trend towards Bitcoin Layer-2 tokens, Rollux stands out for its commitment to Proof of Work (PoW) over Proof of Stake (PoS), emphasizing a more secure and decentralized approach to blockchain technology. Join the movement towards a more efficient and cost-effective blockchain experience with Rollux. Dive into the future of Bitcoin on Layer 2 and discover why Rollux is your essential bridge to this new era.

Syscoin Partners with Ordify: Expanding the Rollux and $SYS Ecosystems

Syscoin is excited to announce a channel partnership with Ordify, a collaboration aimed at enriching the $SYS and Rollux ecosystems on Bitcoin. This partnership facilitates a seamless deal flow for projects into Ordify's array of offerings, including its launchpad, thereby broadening the horizons for both Syscoin and Ordify within the blockchain domain. Ordify, known for its one-hub platform that scales Web3 projects across the BTC and EVM ecosystems, together with Syscoin's development of the lightning-fast Rollux on BTC, are set to enhance their project integration and ecosystem expansion through this cooperative endeavor.

SYS Hats: A Nostalgic NFT Tribute to Syscoin's Legacy

Introducing "SYS Hats," an independent NFT collection that pays homage to the rich history and evolution of Syscoin. This unique assortment of 4,444 NFT hats, each adorned with the iconic Syscoin logos, serves as a digital tribute to the blockchain's journey and its vibrant community. Priced at 111 SYS each, the collection offers a special prize pool of 100,000 SYS, distributed among select NFTs, celebrating the transformation from Syscoin's original logo to its current design.

The genesis of SYS Hats harks back to a promise made by Syscoin's founders, offering unique merchandise to early supporters—a promise hindered by distribution challenges until now. This collection, created by an anonymous enthusiast unaffiliated with the official Syscoin, Rollux, or Luxy teams, revives that pledge in the digital realm, allowing the community to own a piece of Syscoin's legacy. Each NFT not only represents a moment in Syscoin's history but also offers holders a chance to win from a tiered prize pool, making it a meaningful addition to any collection. Join this celebration of Syscoin's past, present, and future, and become part of its enduring legacy through the SYS Hats NFT collection.

Celebrating NodeKit's Milestone: Funding and a16z CSX Participation

Syscoin extends heartfelt congratulations to our strategic partners at NodeKit, who were instrumental in the creation of zkDA, on their recent funding achievement and the exciting opportunity to participate in the a16z Crypto Startup Accelerator (CSX) in London this spring. This well-deserved recognition is a testament to NodeKit's innovative approach and commitment to enhancing blockchain technology.

NodeKit's journey, from announcing a pre-seed round of $1.2M led by notable investors to now joining the ranks of a16z CSX participants, underscores their pivotal role in developing SEQ. This decentralized shared sequencer L1 is set to revolutionize rollups by enabling cross-rollup interoperability without compromising on performance, marking a significant leap towards seamless blockchain user experiences and mass adoption. We're thrilled to witness NodeKit's continued growth and impact on the blockchain ecosystem. 

Superbridge Integrates with Syscoin and Rollux for Enhanced Asset Bridging

Rollux is thrilled to announce that Superbridge has officially integrated support for $SYS, $PSYS, and $LUXY, marking a significant milestone for the SyscoinRollux ecosystem. This collaboration introduces a seamless new method for bridging assets between Syscoin's Layer 1 and Rollux's Layer 2, enriching the user experience and expanding the utility of both platforms.

Superbridge's recent deployment not only facilitates the native bridging of assets between Syscoin and Rollux but also introduces user-friendly features such as easy mode withdrawals and forced withdrawals, setting a new standard for bridge user experiences. Unlike other rollups, Rollux benefits from settling to Syscoin, leveraging Bitcoin's security while offering transactions at a fraction of the cost and with enhanced finality and data availability.

These innovations, including the easy mode withdrawals that simplify the process to a single transaction and forced withdrawals that provide an added layer of security, underscore Superbridge's commitment to user satisfaction and trust. As Superbridge continues to evolve alongside Syscoin and Rollux, the future looks promising for users seeking efficient, secure, and cost-effective bridging solutions. Explore these new features and bridge your assets today at Superbridge.

SYS Labs Spearheads AI Revolution with SuperDapp

SYS Labs is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) within the blockchain space, leveraging the Syscoin ecosystem to develop groundbreaking products. Among these, SuperDapp stands out as a revolutionary AI-centric application, poised to redefine the Web3 experience. Unlike anything seen before, SuperDapp is not just a messaging platform but a comprehensive ecosystem where third-party developers are incentivized to create AI-enhanced apps and plugins. This initiative promises to foster innovation, offering developers rewards, revenue shares, and access to premium features.

SuperDapp's ambition extends beyond conventional applications, incorporating SocialFi for financially rewarding social interactions, DieFi for secure fund recovery, a decentralized exchange (DEX), a Web3 browser, secure file storage, and encrypted communication. All these features are underpinned by the SUPR token and operate on Rollux, SYS Labs' OPStack rollup solution, ensuring fast, secure transactions backed by Bitcoin's mining power. SuperDapp is set to establish new standards in how we interact with DeFi, manage digital identities, and engage with online communities, all while securing our digital legacy and assets with unparalleled ease and security. Read the full article on Medium.

Jag’s Corner: A Week in Tweets

This past week, Jagdeep Sidhu, the Lead Core Developer of Syscoin and CEO of SYS Labs, shared insights that underscore Syscoin's innovative approach to blockchain security and its strategic vision for the future. Sidhu highlighted Syscoin's robustness against potential blockchain threats, emphasizing the network's chainlock finality mechanism. This feature ensures Syscoin's uninterrupted operation, even amidst hypothetical attacks on Bitcoin, showcasing the platform's anti-fragility and green credentials through merged-mining.

In a call to action, Sidhu addressed Coinbase, reflecting on Syscoin's longstanding request for listing and the team's proactive efforts to integrate with Coinbase's Rosetta API. This dialogue not only showcases Syscoin's grassroots commitment and development prowess but also signals a strong demand for Syscoin in the U.S. market, awaiting collaboration from major players like Coinbase.

Sidhu also delved into the security comparisons between traditional oracle databases and Bitcoin, articulating the inherent global and decentralized advantages of Bitcoin's UTXO database over centralized solutions. This perspective reinforces the value proposition of blockchain technology as a foundation for a global financial system, free from centralized policies. Furthermore, Sidhu's poetic interpretation of Satoshi Nakamoto's pseudonym as an homage to the "common man" reflects a deep appreciation for Bitcoin's ethos and its potential to democratize financial systems worldwide.

Through these tweets, Sidhu not only champions Syscoin's technical strengths and market readiness but also contributes to the broader conversation on blockchain's role in shaping a more secure, inclusive, and decentralized future.

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