Syscoin Rollux Weekly Update 2024.05.31

Weekly Video: Introduction to Rollux: The Bitcoin Superchain from Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024

In this speech from the Hong Kong Web3 Festival back in April, Syscoin Lead Core Developer and SYS Labs CEO, Jagdeep Sidhu, explains the role of Rollux as The Bitcoin Superchain. As the Bitcoin Web3 ecosystem continues to grow and become more complex, we can draw comparisons to the emergent traits that take on the comparison to digital smart cities. Just like real cities, Syscoin & Rollux endeavor to make this environment as decentralized, resilient, efficient, and accessible as possible, which is why we build on the strongest foundation available— Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work network.

Syscoin & Rollux at Consensus 2024: Expanding Bitcoin's Frontier

The Syscoin and Rollux teams are making waves at Consensus 2024 in Austin, Texas, inviting all to discuss the future of Bitcoin’s capabilities. Known for introducing the most secure, scalable, and cost-effective EVM Layer 2 solutions on Bitcoin, Rollux is on site to explore partnerships that leverage their groundbreaking technology. Meanwhile, Syscoin is showcasing their innovative Bitcoin Data Availability (BitcoinDA) and the Rollux Bitcoin Superchain, aiming to further enhance and expand DeFi and Web3 on Bitcoin's robust platform.

If you’re still in Austin for the event, don't miss the chance to meet the industrious team members pushing these transformative technologies forward. Whether you're looking to dive deeper into the potential of Layer Zero solutions or simply enjoy some good Texas BBQ with leading blockchain innovators, Syscoin and Rollux are eager to connect and discuss how they can help drive your project forward in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

Join the Syscoin SocialFi Pulse Campaign: Earn Airdrop Rewards and Learn More About the Syscoin Ecosystem

Syscoin announces the launch of its SocialFi Pulse campaign, powered by Galxe, inviting the community to engage and earn rewards as they usher in 2024, the year of the $SYS. This campaign offers a unique opportunity for participants to complete SocialFi tasks, earning loyalty points that can lead to rewards, bonuses, and perks in future initiatives. It's an ongoing effort to expand and energize the SYS Army, highlighting Syscoin's commitment to bringing Bitcoin rollups and the innovative zkDA technology to a broader audience. Participants can armor up and dive into this exciting campaign by following the Galxe link here, embarking on a journey of discovery and contribution within the Syscoin ecosystem.

NeonNexus Testnet Triumphs with Towering Trade Volumes

NeonNexus, the perpetual DEX built on Rollux, has wrapped up its testnet phase with staggering numbers that are turning heads in the crypto world. Over the course of the test, NeonNexus saw an open interest of $350 million, with $447 million in NLP tokens staked, and a jaw-dropping $101 billion in trading volume. This impressive performance is credited to the Rollux L2 platform, renowned for its rapid transaction speeds and cost-efficiency, which has significantly saved money for its users. As NeonNexus gears up for its Token Generation Event (TGE), the crypto community is buzzing with anticipation for what's next from this dynamic duo. Stay connected for more exciting updates from NeonNexus and Rollux.

Pollum Leads Crypto-Driven Relief Effort in Rio Grande do Sul

Pollum has successfully utilized the power of blockchain and community generosity to provide vital aid in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, following catastrophic floods. Through donations amounting to 660.83 $SYS, essential supplies including food, hygiene products, and clothing were purchased and distributed to affected areas. The initial purchase, detailed transparently with invoices, was coordinated from a local martial arts facility serving as a collection point. This initiative, supported by the Web3 community and platforms like Rollux and Pegasys DEX, showcases how technology and collective action can deliver immediate relief in times of crisis, bringing more than just resources but also hope to those in dire need.

Syscoin's Modular Mastery: Pioneering Bitcoin's Next Chapter

Syscoin is redefining the blockchain landscape with its trailblazing modular approach by effectively separating execution, settlement, and data layers. This innovative structure not only enhances scalability and efficiency but also fortifies Bitcoin's security through merged mining. By leveraging these strengths, Syscoin, together with Rollux—dubbed as the Bitcoin Superchain—extends Bitcoin's capabilities into the realms of Web3 and DeFi, transforming it from a digital gold to a versatile foundation for a decentralized digital economy.

With the Rollux platform exemplifying the power of Syscoin's design, they are tackling the most pressing blockchain challenges today. As Syscoin continues to set trends rather than follow them, it paves the way for expansive growth within Bitcoin's ecosystem, making significant strides in DeFi and Web3 spaces. Discover more about how Syscoin & Rollux are propelling Bitcoin forward by visiting their detailed exploration on the future of blockchain technology.

Syscoin & Rollux: Spearheading Bitcoin's Evolution into Web3 and DeFi

Syscoin & Rollux are at the vanguard of transforming Bitcoin’s traditional role, transitioning it from merely a cryptocurrency into the cornerstone of a comprehensive decentralized ecosystem. They are ambitiously expanding Bitcoin’s capabilities to embrace the burgeoning realms of Web3 and DeFi, positioning it as the foundational Layer Zero and the robust Superchain for the next digital age. This partnership is not just about technological advancement; it's a commitment to societal transformation—increasing financial inclusivity, enhancing data security, and replacing outdated systems with decentralized solutions.

The combined efforts of Syscoin & Rollux also integrate cutting-edge blockchain with AI to foster innovations like smarter energy grids, secure communication channels, and transparent governance systems. Each technological leap taken by Syscoin is aimed at building a sustainable, efficient society that promises a higher quality of life for all. To see more about how Syscoin & Rollux are shaping the future of Bitcoin and beyond, check out their latest insights on the transformative power of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin & Beyond: Uniting Innovators in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Join "Bitcoin & Beyond," hosted by The Rollup, for an enriching interactive educational program featuring a lineup of notable Bitcoin ecosystem builders, including Rollux’s Jagdeep Sidhu. This series promises to explore the future of Bitcoin, delving into Web3 and DeFi developments, and offering insights from leading experts across the field. Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, or enthusiast eager to understand the next wave of Bitcoin innovation, this event is your gateway to engaging with industry pioneers and discovering cutting-edge solutions. Register now and be part of shaping the future of the blockchain revolution!

NEVM SYS Secures Spot in KleverSafe Hardware Wallet 

NEVM SYS is now supported by KleverSafe, Klever Electronics' advanced hardware wallet, enhancing user experience with incredible speed, security, and ease of transactions. This integration allows Syscoin users to manage, store, transfer, and receive SYS utility tokens with the assurance of top-tier security. KleverSafe promises a seamless and secure environment for your digital assets, ensuring that you have complete control over your investments with peace of mind. Explore more at

SuperDapp Merges AI with Blockchain for Enhanced Efficiency

SuperDapp is revolutionizing the blockchain space by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence to elevate your blockchain experience. This platform enables you to predict market trends, receive timely alerts about your assets, and ensure their security with state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, SuperDapp offers a unique opportunity for tech enthusiasts to build and monetize their own AI plugins. Whether you're a developer looking to create value or a user seeking enhanced operational efficiency, SuperDapp provides the tools and platform to thrive in the evolving digital economy. Dive into the future of blockchain and AI at and start shaping the next wave of technological innovation.

Uno Re Innovates with RWAs for Enhanced DeFi Security

Uno Re is setting a new standard in the DeFi space by integrating Real-World Assets (RWAs) to optimize on-chain coverage solutions. This strategic move allows the use of on-chain bonds to significantly improve capital efficiency and enrich the revenue share mechanism within the Uno ecosystem. By leveraging idle capital in SSIPs and SSRPs, Uno Re DAO is not just safeguarding liquidity provider assets but also pioneering a novel revenue stream that extends beyond the traditional crypto ecosystem, without introducing additional risks. This initiative marks a transformative step towards making decentralized finance more secure and lucrative, promising enhanced yields for liquidity providers through direct on-chain bond engagement. The forthcoming integration of RWAs underscores Uno Re DAO's commitment to advancing DeFi's robustness and reward potential.

Uno Re Provides Stability Amidst Stablecoin Uncertainties

In light of recent instability in major stablecoins like $UST, $USDC, and $DAI, Uno Re offers a timely solution with its de-peg coverage, ensuring users can protect their investments against sudden de-pegging events. Starting at a premium of just 0.75%, Uno's coverage is an essential tool for anyone looking to secure their stablecoin holdings. As the crypto landscape evolves, with new developments like PayPal introducing its stablecoin PYUSD on Solana, the need for robust protective measures becomes increasingly critical. Trust Uno Re to safeguard your digital assets in these volatile times, and visit their platform today to secure your peace of mind.

Uno Re Stresses Crucial Need for DeFi Security Following Major CEX Hack

In response to the alarming $305M hack of the DMM centralized exchange, Uno Re underscores the vital importance of fortified security across both centralized and decentralized finance sectors. This incident, involving one of the largest heists in 2024, highlights the ongoing vulnerabilities within digital asset exchanges and the pressing need for comprehensive security solutions. Uno Re’s on-chain coverage solutions provide an essential layer of security for DeFi users, bolstering their defense against potential breaches. Additionally, BlockAlerts by Uno Re offers a robust all-in-one security package, integrating on-chain coverage with AI-enhanced tools to safeguard DeFi protocols comprehensively. For those in the DeFi space, prioritizing and enhancing security measures with Uno Re’s solutions is not just recommended; it's essential for ensuring user safety and trust in this evolving digital economy.

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