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Rollux and SupraOracles: A Strategic Alliance for a Decentralized Future

Rollux has partnered with SupraOracles, a leading decentralized oracle solution, to enhance the functionality of its platform. SupraOracles has tested their price feeds and Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Rollux's testnet and is ready for mainnet launch on June 28, 2023. The collaboration will provide low latency reliable price feeds and expand DeFi and gaming use cases. Additionally, Syscoin Foundation will subsidize fees for SupraOracles contracts, and SupraOracles' VRF functions will be integrated into Rollux's NFT Marketplace, Luxy.


Game On: Rollux and Score Milk  Empower to Upgrade Web3 Landscape

Rollux has announced a partnership with Score Milk, a platform bridging traditional Web 2 games with Web3 games. Score Milk will integrate Rollux, allowing users to wager with USDT and potentially making Rollux the main chain for game launches. This collaboration aims to create decentralized gaming ecosystems, enabling true ownership of in-game assets and the integration of blockchain-based features. The partnership represents a significant step in expanding the Rollux ecosystem and enhancing the gaming experience.


TuruVerse and Rollux: A New Partnership for a New Metaverse

Rollux partners with TuruVerse, a metaverse hub, to enhance platform functionality. Users can participate with SYS NFTs and make purchases using SYS within TuruVerse. Exclusive features on Rollux will include special lounges and expansion of TuruVerse's Real Estate NFT project. The integration is expected with TuruVerse's mainnet launch.


Name-Dropping Never Felt So Good: Rollux Partners with Syscoin Name Service

Rollux partners with Syscoin Name Service to enhance platform functionality with NFT Domains. The collaboration includes avatars, customizable profiles, and decentralized websites. The rollout will feature an updated Rollux Faucet, rollux.id website launch, and more. This partnership aims to reshape NFT Domains and enrich the blockchain experience.


SYS Labs’ Rollux Primed to Launch: Stronger, Cheaper, Faster, Better

Launching on June 28, 2023, SYS Labs' Rollux is revolutionizing blockchain with its EVM-L2 scaling platform. Offering unmatched speed, security, affordability, and scalability, Rollux is backed by Bitcoin's security and Syscoin's innovation. Join SYS Labs and be part of the next big leap in blockchain technology, connecting users, dApps, and assets seamlessly.


SuperDapp Development Update

SuperDapp is nearing its first public release, with mobile clients, web optimizations, and AI integration. Enhancing privacy and functionality, it's designed to leverage Rollux's blockchain backend. Stay tuned for this innovative platform that's set to transform the human experience through Web3 and AI.