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Rollux: The Electrifying Bitcoin Superchain

Rollux, the ultimate Bitcoin Superchain that combines Bitcoin's unmatched security with Ethereum’s utility and the efficiency of Syscoin. This innovative EVM rollup offers near-instant transfers, unrivaled security, and minimal fees, all designed to kickstart Bitcoin's transition to become the largest DeFi and Web3 ecosystem. The best deserves the best. Join the future of Bitcoin with Rollux today.


Syscoin Rollux Weekly Update 2024.06.14

Dive into the "Bitcoin & Beyond" video featuring Jag Sidhu, making the case for the Bitcoin Superchain, Rollux, and how it is uniquely capable of expanding Bitcoin's ecosystem in the most ideal manner. Explore Pachira's revolutionary DeFi protocol using liquidity trees to transform asset management, announced with a thorough introduction and detailed discussions of its impact on both DeFi and traditional finance. Get the latest on Pali Wallet's update that simplifies interaction with dapps by integrating a new $SYS faucet feature, enhancing user accessibility across the Rollux ecosystem. Don't miss out on SuperDapp's visionary post, paving the way for a decentralized future with its 'everything [d]app' designed to empower users with more control and broad capabilities. Read the Weekly Update to stay informed with all that's happening in the Syscoin Rollux ecosystem.


Beyond Digital Gold: Syscoin & Rollux’s Role in Expanding Bitcoin's Frontier

This article discusses how Syscoin & Rollux address Bitcoin’s limitations by enhancing its utility with advanced tokenomics and merged mining, ensuring its longevity as a foundational technology in the decentralized digital economy. Explore the symbiotic relationship between Bitcoin’s traditional role and its expanding functionalities into the Web3 and DeFi frontier.